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Electrical Resistivity Testing

Electrical resistivity testing offers peace of mind for business owners and reduces their product liability For product safety, U.S. Plastic Coatings test for electrical resistivity in plastic coated products that will be used in an electrical environment.

Our plastic/PVC acts as an electrical insulator. Our mission is to test plastic our plastic coated products so they are free from voids, pin holes,cracks to avoid any electrical crossover .If a hole is detected, the part will be stripped and corrected and recoated to meet your specifications.

Electrical resistivity procedures include:

Hy-pot – The coated part of the product is submerged in water and tested for flaws

Spark test – A hand-held unit is passed over the plastic coated item and tested for flaws.

Electrical Resistivity offers peace of mind for business owners and reduces their product liability.

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