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Plastic Dip Molding Services

U.S. Plastics Coatings can plastic coat all your products quickly and expertly Plastic dip molding services provide covering, cushioning, and comfort, dust protection, electrical and shipping protection for your products.

The cost of dip molding services is lower compared to other types of coatings. Most dip molds are simple and inexpensive. Dip molding, can be either for stock or custom applications.

Single dip plastic moldings are used for medical instrument covers/protectors, protective closures for tubing, and y-connectors. Also industrial grips, custom covers and insulators, pipe covers, chair/table leg protectors, structural steel end caps, recreational fishing lures and trailer hitch ball covers and engine components.

Multi-dip plastic moldings include industrial grips that require heavy wall thickness and sales promotional items such as can holders and waterproof containers.


>>What do you want to plastic dip mold today?

  • gas pump handles
  • floats
  • boots
  • bellows
  • tool handles
  • end caps
  • hole plugs
  • probe covers

When less is more… U.S. Plastic Coating Corporation provides quality plastic dip molding services in less time and less money with more flexibility. We offer:

  • Stock dip molded products
  • On-site mold making and tool making facilities to save you time and money
  • Custom dip mold applications
  • Unusual shapes
  • Choice of over 30 different colors
  • FDA / USP / UL automotive
  • CAD/CAM, SPC/SQC to custom specs
  • All textures and hardness (durometers)
  • Thickness from .005-inch to ½-inch
  • 2 fully automated production lines for dip molding

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