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PVC Plastisol Coatings

Vinyl applications like PVC Plastisol provides products with electrical resistance and corrosion protection Just the facts about PVC Plastisol (vinyl) coatings

PVC/ Plastisol is the generic name for the raw material that U.S. Plastic Coatings Corp. applies to your products and uses for dip molding.

PVC/ Plastisol is a vinyl compound that is liquid at room temperature and gels to a solid during the coating/molding process

When heated, PVC/Plastisol fuses and is converted into a tough, homogenous mass with excellent abrasion, aging, corrosion, and electrical resistance; never to liquefy again.

PVC/ Plastisols can be compounded in almost any hardness, clarity, and color and can be pumped or sprayed.

The surface appearance of PVC/ Plastisol can go from shiny to matte to foam.

PVC/ Plastisol can also be compounded to meet many standards, including FDA food contact, non-toxic, USP Class VI, UL, & MIL-P-20689.

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